The Label

The SUPERBALL MUSIC imprint was launched on October 1, 2007 and promises to specialise in supporting and promoting particularly talented and innovative artists.

The label's focus is on keen, young rock acts with a stylistic range that is centred on independent and alternative music, as well as acts that transcend genres and include a variety of contemporary directions. SUPERBALL MUSIC aims to provide a platform and a "home" for these artists by specifically focusing on innovative music with commercial ambitions.

Label boss Thomas Waber explains that SUPERBALL MUSIC's philosophy relies on a balanced combination of young contemporary artists and experienced industry aficionados, "We want to work closely with our musicians, supporting them both artistically as well as in a business sense". Waber is one of the more experienced German label managers of the past ten years, having looked after popular artists and fan favourites such as Devin Townsend, O.S.I. and King's X. "SUPERBALL MUSIC relies on a successful balance between new, unknown talents and bands who have already made a name for themselves on the music scene with previous releases. We're mainly interested in artists who are innovative and eager, who express themselves creatively and want to play live as often as possible, whether it's in front of 50,000 or 50 people".

SUPERBALL MUSIC has deliberately joined forces with a globally operating distribution system to ensure that the label's future signings will benefit from strong representation on an international level. “One of the main things about this label is that we are actually fans of the artists we sign” says Thomas Waber. "That's the best prerequisite for the acts concerned to be able to work successfully and with full support from their label".

Are there stylistic boundaries that are discounted by SUPERBALL MUSIC? "Hardly" says Waber, "The main focus is on contemporary and interesting music. We are always on the lookout for inventive bands whose music nevertheless lives up to commercial expectations without relying on a mediocre, standard pattern of approach".

Superball Music is using 100% eco-friendly power