Six Gallery
Breakthroughs In Modern Art
CD, Digital Download
  1. Bermuda Triangles
  2. A Live Nativity Scene
  3. Built To Last
  4. Say Matte
  5. Edie & The Marble Faun
  6. Glaciar De Las Lágrimas
  7. Just Hey
  8. Honestly, Really?
  9. Fish Milk
  10. Smile Like A Switch
“The musical machine gun of Will Vokac and Ben Schreiber's finger-tapped guitars is still there, but the addition of Daniel Francis' fervent vocals has pushed the group into uncharted territory. One could go on and on about the ways in which Francis bounces from expression to expression, often ripping into a soulful cry before sinking into a whisper (give the standout “Built to Last” a try). His rambling lyrics drop facts, allusions, secrets, and tall-tales with equal earnestness and we're not sure whether to believe all of it or none of it. The sheer excitement his stories offer sprints arm-in-arm with the sparkling guitars with an incredibly balanced, energetic effect.” - Absolutepunk

SIX GALLERY formed in the summer of 2005 as a four-piece instrumental act in the small university town of Athens, Ohio. In just two short years they released two EPs, graduated from college, relocated to Columbus, Ohio, replaced a drummer and played around 100 shows throughout the Midwest and Northeast. In November 2008, SIX GALLERY changed the direction of their instrumental progressive post rock sound with the addition of vocalist Daniel Francis. With a full line-up for the first time they began the writing and rehearsal process for their debut LP, “Breakthroughs in Modern Art”. Originally released in June of 2009 the album displays an artistic vigour and explosive power that engages listeners. With the release of their debut-album they have attracted the attention of prominent independent labels, radio promoters, and booking agents alike. As a consequence SIX GALLERY has shared the stage with national acts like Maps and Atlases, The Heartland, La Dispute, The Ataris, Andrew WK, Kevin Devine, The New Amsterdams and Mouth of the Architect further expressing their abilities as a cross genre act. In December 2009, SIX GALLERY signed a worldwide deal with Superball Music.

Often compared to contemporaries such as Minus The Bear, Maps and Atlases, and Aereogramme, SIX GALLERY will be re-releasing their debut album, "Breakthroughs In Modern Art", on March 22nd in Europe and on March 23rd in North America. The album will be relaunched with a brand-new artwork by the esteemed artist Clinton Reno: “Clinton is a real legend in Columbus. He has always been someone we wanted to work with as a band. He's worked with lots of artists we really admire and we couldn't be more thrilled with what he's done for this record." (Ben Schreiber, guitar) The band will be touring the US and Europe in the first half of 2010.