The Butterfly Effect
Final Conversation Of Kings (Tour Edition)
CD, Digital Download
  1. Room Without A View
  2. Final Conversation
  3. The Way
  4. Window And The Watcher
  5. …and The Promise Of The Truth
  6. In These Hands
  7. 7 Days
  8. Rain
  9. Sum Of 1
  10. Worlds On Fire (live)
  11. A Slow Descent (live)
  12. Window And The Watcher (live)
  13. Final Conversation (live)
  14. In These Hands (live)
  15. Sum Of 1 (live)
Three records into a career, The Butterfly Effect have always been about pushing their progressive sound to the limit, the Australian four-piece have opened up further sonically than ever before. The results are invigorating and cathartic!

Final Conversation Of Kings is a bold, expansive and career-defining statement, often fragile but always epic – a comprehensive evolution that builds on their signature style but doesn’t lose track of the things that have made The Butterfly Effect one of Australia’s favourite bands. Fans expect a hard-driving sound offset by fragile emotions, consummate musicianship and intimate vocals that sweep and soar. None will be disappointed – those aspects have been refined by a group that refuse to compromise, while the band continues to grow as both songwriters and players.

“The one thing you realise as a band progresses is that there’s a formula there – it’s just the sound of the way you play,” explains drummer Ben Hall, speaking about the giant leap the band have made even since their last release, the progressive and pulsating Imago, which debuted at number two on the ARIA chart in 2006. “It gets to the point where you hear a song on the radio and think, ‘That’s a different genre of song for that band, but that’s them – it’s that singer and that guitarist.’ You can tell it’s them just by the way they lock together. You can try to step away from the band that you sound like, but the four pieces fundamentally are going to sound like the way you play anyway.”

Those words sum up Final Conversation Of Kings perfectly. There’s no other band around that any of the ten songs here could be mistaken for, yet the record will surprise even die-hard fans with its depth, intensity and passion, revealing new layers and nuances with every listen. Final Conversation Of Kings isn’t an album to play politely in the background while heating up leftovers. It’s an album that needs to be savoured. Soak it in. Feel it breathe. It’s alive and it will continue to grow.

Proving they’re more than willing to take risks if necessary, Final Conversation Of Kings opens with the band’s most ambitious effort yet, the majestic seven-minute masterpiece ´World’s On Fire`, which ebbs and flows with sublime subtlety, veering fluidly from a gentle, cascading rhythm into an orgasm of crash and clatter and back. “That’s the longest song we’ve ever written,” Ben explains. “We’re pretty proud of it – the trumpet and the vibraphone in the middle made it a journey. Lyrically, it tells a good story, the vocal melodies are fantastic, and the playing is really cool. I liken it to Radiohead – the way they put songs together.”

Final Conversation Of Kings was recorded over five weeks at ´Grove Studios` on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia with acclaimed producer Forrester Savall, who has previously worked with Something For Kate & Karnivool – stands as The Butterfly Effect’s crowning achievement!

“Here’s to one of the best finds this year!!!”
Bronwyn Thompson, Rolling Stone.