Feed To Feed
Ltd DVD Boxset
  1. I Am The Morning
  2. The Charm Offensive
  3. The Charm Offensive
  4. Commemorative _ _ _ _ T-shirt
  5. Paper Champion
  6. I Am The Morning
  7. Catalyst
  8. Heaven Alive
  9. Catalyst
  10. Heaven Alive
  11. Unfamiliar
  12. One Out Of None
  13. Unfamiliar
  14. One Day All This Could Be Yours
  15. A Homage To A Shame
  16. Trail Of Fire
  17. One Day All This Could Be Yours
  18. A Homage To A Shame
  19. Trail Of Fire
  20. Drag The 'nal
  21. Massive Bereavement
  22. Meredith
  23. Savant
  24. Massive Bereavement
  25. Meredith
  26. Savant
  27. Dead Dogs An' All Sorts
  28. Rinsed
  29. Music For A Nurse
  30. Rinsed
  31. Music For A Nurse
  32. Only Twin
  33. As The Smoke Clears
  34. You Wish
  35. New Pin
  36. An Old Friend Of The Christy’s
  37. You Wish
  38. New Pin
  39. An Old Friend Of The Christy’s
  40. Voorhees
  41. Remember Where You Are
  42. No Tomorrow
  43. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions
  44. Remember Where You Are
  45. No Tomorrow
  46. Sleeping Dogs And Dead Lions
  47. I Haven't Been The Claw For Ages
  48. Amputee
  49. Mine Host
  50. The Frame
  51. Amputee
  52. Mine Host
  53. The Frame
  54. Unravel
  55. You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down
  56. Voorhees
  57. Unravel
  58. You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down
  59. Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
  60. Ornament/the Last Wrongs
  61. I Haven't Been The Claw For Ages
  62. Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs
  63. Ornament/the Last Wrongs
  64. Saturday Morning Breakfast Show
  65. Drag The 'nal
  66. Saturday Morning Breakfast Show
  67. Long Forgotten
  68. Long Forgotten
  69. Dead Dogs An' All Sorts
  70. Paper Champion
  71. As The Smoke Clears
  72. One Out Of None
It's all about fitting in, apparently. Remember the best (actually the worst) days of your life? Wear the wrong pair of trainers and your school-day would become a living hell. It's easy to become part of the crowd, to blend in seamlessly with everyone else. But not when you're wearing trainers bought from Castleford Market. When OCEANSIZE quietly crept into a Manchester music scene that was still doggedly hanging onto its glory (?) days and into a British music scene that was still trying to shag Britpop’s mouldy corpse, nobody noticed. One word stood out in the review for their first EP in the UK’s leading music comic: Preposterous. OCEANSIZE were still wearing those shit trainers.

When that difficult second album came around it was time to try and fit in. A more diverse collection of songs adorned “Everyone Into Position” and it contained two (gasp) singles. Support tours with the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Cooper Temple Clause and Cave In helped spread the word but you know what lads? You're still wearing those shit trainers. You can't blame the music press, why on earth would a magazine feature five normal looking blokes wearing shit trainers when they could feature some really cool looking blokes wearing fucking ace trainers! After all, we only had our music to talk about and that's not enough!! You need good trainers!! After losing a bass player and a manager (they're not dead) OCEANSIZE were cast adrift and floated for a while. And then Steven burst into the room and shouted: “I'm your fucking bass player now! Check out my trainers!” - They were even worse.

OCEANSIZE's third album was released in 2007 and the band had come to the happy conclusion that fitting in was just not for them. “Frames” contained eight tracks with an average length of 8.13625 minutes. Preposterous indeed. The next year OCEANSIZE celebrated their tenth anniversary with three special “album” shows. The whole sold out crowd was wearing shit trainers. So we come to 2010 and OCEANSIZE's fourth album, “Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up”. If you're expecting classic 'Size then you'll be disappointed, this is a new refined OCEANSIZE, a more concise OCEANSIZE, a more mature OCEANSIZE. But those trainers? Still shit.

OCEANSIZE, June 2010

Still, we know that there are people interested in the facts and figures:

Superball Music are pleased to announce the imminent release of a new studio album from OCEANSIZE, “Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up”. The band have also announced a full European tour throughout September and October 2010. One of the UK’s true innovators, OCEANSIZE have carved a unique place for themselves in the music scene. Previous albums “Effloresce, “Everyone Into Position” and “Frames”, recent DVD “Feed To Feed” and a series of EP’s have been hugely critically acclaimed. This acclaim, in part recognition that OCEANSIZE look to do things differently to the mainstream. The sound is progressive but never forgets the importance of good songs. OCEANSIZE remain a powerful force in the alternative UK scene – still playing to 1500 capacity venues.

What does OCEANSIZE sound like? To answer that, we'd need to start coughing out logic-free pseudophilosophical analogies. If it matters to you, OCEANSIZE loves texture, dimension, fucking about with time, discord, dissonance, the element of surprise and (sometimes) taking a long time to make a point. “Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up” is yet another progression in OCEANSIZE’s stunning catalogue.

From the out of kilter timings of “SuperImposer” to gentle layers of “Build Us A Rocket Then…” from the lush melodies of “Silent / Transparent” to the brutal riffing of “Part Cardiac”, OCEANSIZE are a band who remain unique – defying conventions to produce engaging and beguiling rock music. Driving rhythms overlaid with beautifully crafted multi-instrumentalism and the unique voice of Mike Vennart. The album was produced by OCEANSIZE in their very own Ornamental Studios in Manchester, mixed by Chris Sheldon (Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, The Pixies, Therapy?) and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. OCEANSIZE are a hugely accomplished live act – supporting acts as diverse as Porcupine Tree, Coheed & Cambria, Smashing Pumpkins and Biffy Clyro in addition to sold out headline shows. The band are set to tour Europe in September, October and November 2010.

Mike Vennart is currently on the road with Biffy Clyro as their touring guitarist. “Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up” will be released as a standard Jewelcase, a Special Edition Mediabook incl. a bonus-track as well as Gatefold LP incl. the entire album on CD.