Friday, May 19, 2017
Bullet Height : launched a Track-By-Track Clip, debut album "No Atonement" out now!
Bullet Height :  launched a Track-By-Track Clip, debut album "No Atonement" out now!
Berlin - based electronic-rock duo Bullet Height release their explosive debut album 'No Atonement' today via Superball Music / Sony Music and fans can find out more about the album in this brand new track-by-track interview with Jon Courtney and Sammi Doll.

Watch it now here:

The duo celebrated the release with a special Berlin album launch party last night, with support from friends in Losers, Grau and Coma_54.

Watch video's for the singles from 'No Atonement' below:
'Wild Words':
'Hold Together':

An alternative, stripped-back version of 'Bastion' can be heard here:
The album is now available on CD, petrol green LP + CD & digital download here:

Speaking about the album in an exclusive interview, the pair said: "We don't necessarily want to say 'this song is about a specific thing', as we'd like to leave it to be open to interpretation by the listener, but there are certain emotions that recur throughout the record, definitely. Resentment, forgiveness, love, a bit of anger. But there's positivity at the same time. These songs were a kind of personal therapy."

See the duo discuss how they came together in this interview:

Steadily building their fan base over the past year from their underground Berlin HQ with a series of striking videos and carefully picked performances, the band will be playing a handful of select EU dates over the coming months.

A heady mix of electronica and towering, dark guitars, the new single borrows from the likes of contemporaries AFI, Muse and Enter Shikari to create a sprawling, freshly baroque take on modern rock, with a gargantuan chorus that showcases a duo destined for bigger stages.

Tied together with front woman Sammi Doll's ethereal, melodic vocals it's an alluring mix that brings the best from the LA rock scene where she cut her teeth and crashes it headlong into the Berlin underworld, with the experimental production and astute song-writing of band mate Jon Courtney expertly weaving echoes of the ground-breaking electronica of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Petshop Boys into proceedings.

The debut album is comprised of 10 tracks of dark, primal conviction, pulped with the avant-garde, fusing industrialised electronica, heavy guitars and heartbreakingly sweet melodies.

The band have confirmed selected live dates in Germany and you can find the full list below:
June 3, Pool Garden, WGT weekend, Leipzig
Sept 8, Tommy Haus, Berlin



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