Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Charlie Barnes signs to Superball Music for release of 'More Stately Mansions'
 Charlie Barnes signs to Superball Music for release of 'More Stately Mansions'
Superball Music is extremely pleased to announce the signing of talented singer & multi-instrumentalist Charlie Barnes, for the release of his forthcoming debut album 'More Stately Mansions' on the 11th May 2015 in Europe.
To mark the occasion, 'Sing To God', the first track to be taken from the album, has been launched as a stream here: https://soundcloud.com/superballmusic/charlie-barnes-sing-to-god/s-9e5ZT

Charlie had this to say:
'It's an enormous honour to be releasing the album with the folks at Superball Music. Let me tell you, it is no small pride that I take in being able to number myself as a label-mate amongst my childhood heroes. I remember very clearly when Superball was launched by the signing of Oceansize, and dreaming of one day becoming a part of that roster. Having achieved what the 18 year old Charlie Barnes was so desperate for, and not only that, but with an album produced by one of the musicians [Steve Durose, Amplifier and ex-Oceansize ] that I followed so religiously around the country as a teenager...well...I'll let you know when I get my head around it all...!
I think this record, "More Stately Mansions", makes a much stronger statement than any of my previous sporadic offerings. I've always dealt in bold brushstrokes, and this set of songs is no exception. Having said that, this is the first time I've felt confident enough to let things be reduced solely to piano and vocal for an entire song. We were very aware during the recording process that we needed to make this album all about the vocals, the melody and the lyrics; but of course, with somebody like Steve on board, you can rest assured that you won't go home without some enormous walls of sound to throw your best rock moves to.'

Charlie has also confirmed a selection of solo and full band live dates which you can find below:

11th April - Fox & Newt, Leeds, UK (band)
13th April - Oporto, Leeds, UK (solo w/ The Retrospective Soundtrack Players)
14th April - Star and Garter, Manchester, UK (solo w/ The Retrospective Soundtrack Players)
24th May - Maifeld Derby, Mannheim, Germany (band)

As part of the promotion for the album, Charlie has also been asked by Leeds based coffee roastery North Star to create his own signature blend. He spent a lot of his early twenties playing solo in coffee houses around the UK and Europe, whilst working part-time making coffee back home in Leeds and it seems to have paid off. More information on that to come!

Disorientating and captivating in equal measure during early appearances in Student Union bars and basement venues either side of the Pennines, as well as at European festivals Melt and Reeperbahn, the Leeds-based artist's early performances took on the guise of a man vs. machine solo rock opera. Songs were constructed on stage as he writhed about on his stool like Silver Apples on uppers - the transmissions from his web of loop pedals, keyboards, pads and samplers seemingly coursing through his body's contortions. More Stately Mansions hasn't changed the process much, it's just that - as he puts it - "the extra pairs of hands aren't channels on a loopstation or sample libraries anymore, they're owned by other people with their own ideas."

Mostly recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, with vocals put down in an isolated cottage in the middle of Wales, More Stately Mansions deals with unashamedly bold brush strokes. Songs like 'Sing To God's' gossamer strings strike delicately amidst rumbling percussion and several moments of histrionic guitar malevolence that recall those aforementioned teenage influences; the title track's layered vocals hark back to Queen in their mid-70's pomp, while 'Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth' rises and falls on a series of scything post-hardcore riff acrobatics. All of this is cut through with a climactic vocal that bores out vestiges of Jeff Buckley, or even Freddie Mercury, delivered with an overwhelming sincerity that goads its audience out of apathy and into a reaction, an expressive way of performing that Barnes has embraced since childhood.

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