Superball Music (Europe)

Thomas Waber (President/A&R)
Schaeferstrasse 33a
44147 Dortmund

[email protected]


Jeff Wagner (Label Manager/A&R)
The Century Family, Inc.
12706 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066 [email protected]


Freddy Palmer
Century Media Records Ltd.
c/o Sony Music Entertainment
9 Derry Street
London W8 5HY
United Kingdom
Companies House, London, UK
Company Reg. Nr. 328 3789
Managing Director: Robert Kampf
[email protected]

Demo Submissions (read carefully)

  1. Listen to our other artists and please submit relevant music. Failure to do this will result in us making fun of you...
  2. Do NOT send mp3s attached to emails. That's so 2003. Don't be that guy. Send STREAMING LINKS (Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc).
  3. Do NOT follow up. If we like we'll request larger files. If we don't contact you, you might be a victim of Rule #1.
  4. Please understand that if we don't respond, it doesn't really mean anything. We are not passing judgment on your art of your talent (Except when in cases of Rule #1). We have very specific music vision for Superball plus your submissions could be the victim of any number of convenient excuses such as:
    1. we have too many projects on our plate to take on one more
    2. we may have another artist that sounds so much like you that it doesn't make sense
    3. we've squandered all the money and have been forced to take a day job to pay for our current releases
  5. Finally, we do pride ourselves on giving music a fair listen, so please send despite these wise ass rules...