AMARAL are a Spanish pop/rock band who began topping the national charts with remarkable frequency after the turn of the century. Comprised of songwriters Eva Amaral (vocals, guitar) and Juan Aguirre (guitar), the band formed in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1997, and soon moved to Madrid, where they didn't need much time to get attention and a contract with Virgin.

It took them a few years to break into the charts, but they gained a cult following fanbase during that time in which they released the eponymous album, “Amaral” and “Una Pequeña Parte del Mundo” (2000). Their follow-up effort, “Estrella de Mar” (2002) marked their definitive breakthrough and the band's fortune rose steadily, charting #1 in Spain's album charts and featuring five consecutive #1 singles in radio. The success was followed by “Pajaros En La Cabeza” which had a similar impact in the Spanish music scene, also peaking #1 in the album charts and spawning a fistful of amazing singles, which also made the band break in Latin America.

AMARAL had laid the groundwork for mainstream success, but they had never explicitly courted widespread success. Nevertheless, their audience had grown quite large, and it wasn't that surprising that the group's fifth album, “Gato Negro/Dragón Rojo” (2008), became a hit even though it was the first one they did without a major company.

In 2009 AMARAL released the live album “La Barrera del Sonido”, recorded in Madrid in front of 25.000 enthusiastic fans. It was followed-up by “Hacia Lo Salvaje”, that marked their move to a more unpolished sound and also gained tremendous success. “Nocturnal” is their latest work to date and marks their step forward towards a more alternative sound, showcasing their most personal and obscure side. It was released in Spain in 2015, peaked #1 and stayed in the album charts since its initial release.

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Eva Amaral
(vocals, guitar)
Juan Aguirre
(guitar )